Needle Guards

UltraSafe® Needle Guards

UltraSafe® Needle Guards are activated manually and designed to attach easily to most prefilled glass syringes commonly used with vaccines, low molecular weight heparins, and other medicines, including many of the newer biotechnology drugs.

The UltraSafe® Needle Guards offer these unique features:

- Color-coded guards to assist in identification of correct size.

0.5 ml glass syringes
1.0 ml glass syringes
1.0 ml (long) glass syringes
1.5 ml glass syringes
2.25 ml glass syringes

- High-strength, transparent plastic facilitates visualization of syringe markings, labels, and contents, and maximizes protection.

- "Click" lock provides tactile and audible confirmation of guard activation.

- Patented locking mechanism ensures maximum security and locking force.

- Familiar sliding guard activation and ease of assembly assist with compliance and user education.

- Square body design offers improved grip on narrow syringe barrels and enlarges finger flanges for a more secure grip.